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Reliance Retail Sets To Bring Back Shein In India: What Does Alliance Mean For Retail Giant?

Reliance Retail Sets

Presently there are more than 12 lakh registered companies in India; however, only 5 thousand of them are listed. Reliance Retail is a well-known company with an excellent financial record. This Indian retail company is not only performing well in the retail market but also doing well in the unlisted share market. According to recent news, Reliance Retail plans to partner with the famous Chinese platform Shein for sourcing, manufacturing and retailing. Shein is a well-known fashion brand that was banned by the Indian government in June 2020 amid the post-Galwan ban on Chinese applications. With the support of a leading Indian retailer, Reliance Retail, the company is all set to re-enter the country. In this detailed write-up, we will walk you through all the offerings of this partnership and future prospects.

An Overview Of Reliance Retail

Reliance Retail Ventures Limited is the retail arm of the Reliance Group that focuses on retail businesses. The company is directly involved in the customer-facing business, and soon it gained significant trust from millions of customers in India. Today, Reliance Retail is the largest and fastest-growing retail company, one of the most profitable in the Indian market. Currently, Reliance Retail caters its customers to 5 sectors of the market: consumer electronics, grocery, fashion & lifestyle, pharma and connectivity. All the company’s businesses are carefully planned and flourishing in the market. Reliance Retail share price is growing and setting new records in the unlisted share market. According to Business Today’s report, the company’s net profit spiked by 30 per cent to Rs 9,181 crores in the financial year 2022-23. The company’s gross profit surpassed Rs 2.6 lakhs, even though the Covid-19 pandemic severely impacted the business.

In the consumer electronics segment, the company operates its physical and online stores, which include Reliance Digital, Reliance Digital Express Mini Stores and Jio Stores, to meet the customer’s changing needs. Moreover, in the fashion & lifestyle segment, it operates Project Eve, Reliance Footprint, Reliance Jewels, AJIO and Reliance Trends to cater for the fashion demands of Indian customers. As a brand, Reliance has gained the trust of Indian customers by providing them with high-quality items and services.

An Overview Of Shein

Established in 2012, Shein is a Chinese fashion and lifestyle retail company offering affordable beauty and fashion items across the globe. The fashion and lifestyle brand has an application that lets users view and order any item. Shein is one of the top fashion retailers with a valuation of $15 billion, which mainly targets Gen Z and young millennials with its products. Currently, the company offers its products and services to more than 220 countries worldwide. The company provides a wide range of fashion items that rapidly go viral on social media due to their trendy style.

Shein’s motto is “Everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion,” which the company brought to life by offering the majority of affordable fashion and lifestyle items. The low prices, high quality, trendy outfits and worldwide shipping are some of the primary factors that helped Shein build a vast consumer base worldwide. However, back in June 2020, the fashion & lifestyle brand was banned by the Indian government due to data privacy concerns.

Reliance Retail Partners With Shein

As per the Economic Times, Shein is all set to re-enter the Indian market after being banned for three years. The company is partnering with the leading Indian retail company, Reliance Retail and revolutionising the fashion & lifestyle market again. Back then, Shein delivered items to the customer’s doorsteps; however, Reliance Retail plans offline stores. Furthermore, all the offerings of Shein will also be listed on the AJIO platform. Shein is also planning to source its fabric for manufacturing clothes from India. The partnership will also include manufacturing sourcing and sales as a part of the deal.

As per the sources, the government has approved the partnership, but Shein needs to disclose its labour practices. Shein tried to reinvent itself in 2021 by listing its products on Amazon, but that strategy failed miserably. The continuous flop performance of Shein has significantly dropped its overall revenue; partnering with the leading Indian retail brand will boost its business.

How Can You Benefit From This Deal

The partnership between Reliance Retail And Shein will bring many opportunities to its customers and investors. Customers will get their hands on trendy and high-quality clothes with the trust of Reliance Retail. At the same time, investors plan to leverage this situation by investing in Reliance Retail unlisted shares. As the company is gearing up for an IPO, its share prices are continuously surging in the grey market. Investing in Reliance Retail unlisted shares or top-performing companies can offer you multibagger returns. You can count on Stockify, India’s leading online broking platform, to buy unlisted shares. Connect with our experts to kickstart your investment journey.

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