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What Is Para Insomnia & How To Deal With It?

Today people are too busy in their lives. This business has led to an increase in the level of stress, tension and insomnia. All these things have brought in different kinds of emotional tides in life. 

What do you mean by para insomnia?

It is a condition in which a person will make different types of abnormal moves while he or she is asleep. This condition occurs when the insomnia breaks through its limitation. It is one of the most critical thing to be dealt with.  Some examples on para insomnia are sleep walking, nightmares, hallucination, sleep paralysis, REM sleeping behavior, eating disorder while sleeping, and sleep aggression. Para insomnia can be very harmful to the health of the affected ones during the daytime as well. 

Different types and symptoms of para insomnia

There are a number of difficulties that may arise when a person is affected by para insomnia. When insomnia reaches its extreme it can turn into these. 

  • Nightmares – When sleeping occurs because of this condition a person may face a thing like nightmares. A nightmare cuts through the sleep and is generally horrifying. It causes a lot of disturbance while sleeping. 

The people, who are affected, experience a horrifying state in their mind and cannot figure out the situation when they wake up.

  • Sleep walking – This is another worst condition. In this condition a person really walks while they are in sound sleep. This not only affects the person but is equally harmful for the ones surrounding him or her. The affected person may behave strangely and even indulge in some activities while in sleep. They cannot remember these things when they are awake.
  • REM – This is a condition that evolves from para insomnia. In this condition a person starts acting out the things they are dreaming of. They may even talk while they are asleep. This is a dangerous act because a person may cause injury to other people and on their own self as well. 
  • Sleep-related eating disorder – Eating disorders at day time is very common among people and it is also known to the maximum population. But there is another type of disorder that occurs during night while a person is asleep. A person in this situation eats their favourite food when they are in a sleeping state. They may even eat things they are allergic to. This is hazardous to health. This condition can even make a person use things to prepare food which are dangerous for them as they are generally unaware of that. 
  • Teeth grinding – This is one such activity executed by the para insomnia affected people. They remain unaware of what they are actually doing. This will disturb the other people around them and hurts their own teeth as well. This condition may lead them to create some unwanted noises. 

Para insomnia and the reason behind it

This condition may happen at any stage of sleep. A person may get para insomnia while they are falling asleep or during anytime when they are sleeping. In many cases it is found that para insomnia is mainly generic. It may occur due to some medication as well. This condition can even occur in a person with abrupt sleeping habits.

Protections against para insomnia

  • When a person is going through an episode of the condition, the doorbell may help them to get out of it. They will wake up by hearing the doorbell which will help them to get out of the episode. 
  • A person affected by para insomnia is prohibited from sleeping near the window and shall also be prohibited from sleeping on the upper bunk. 
  • The people surrounding an affected person shall be aware of the condition that occurs.
  • Any sharp objects shall never be kept near a person facing the condition of para insomnia. This may hurt them or others while an episode of the condition is taking place.

Treatments for this condition

People should get enough sleep to avoid a condition like this. The victims should go to sleep within a scheduled time. It is always beneficial if one can avail a treatment. It is more advantageous if people visit a therapist or a counselor in the early stages.

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