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Precautions To Be Take For Pregnant Women With Type 2 Diabetes!

Precautions To Be Take For Pregnant Women With Type 2 Diabetes!

Pregnancy is a very important period in a woman’s life and there is a saying that its almost a rebirth for women! Some women take very good care of their health but some are a bit careless. Sometimes some women may end up with type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a very difficult condition and the causes for getting it are 

  • Obesity.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Hereditary.
  • Stress.

But with constant monitoring of health and regular exercise diabetes can be brought under control. Some women with type 2 diabetes may want a baby and will start trying for one. Women with type 2 diabetes must consult a doctor before getting pregnant. A physician will give certain guidelines to follow before becoming pregnant. 

The Change In Approach

Before it was believed that pregnancy and type 2 diabetes do not go together. When women with type 2 diabetes become pregnant they will end up with many complications. They might suffer miscarriages and they might deliver still born babies and the babies might have some deformity. So considering all these women with type 2 diabetes were not allowed to get pregnant. But now, with effective health management tips a woman can still have a baby. 

Planning A Pregnancy

The phase before getting pregnant is a very crucial phase. Women are prescribed contraceptives so that unplanned pregnancies are avoided. If a woman desires of having a baby and approaches a physician the GP will give some guidelines which are to be followed strictly. If a woman is overweight she should bring her weight to normal before trying for a baby. 

She should exercise regularly and avoid stressful life. She should also avoid sugary foods and maintain a healthy life style. Meditation also helps to a certain extent. Physical activity is a must and it is non-negotiable. It can be walking or any form of exercise but a 30 minute workout will help to keep sugar levels under control. If a GP is satisfied with all this he may advise pregnancy and will stop the contraceptives. 

A Team Effort 

A woman with diabetes will need a host of professionals to support the journey before pregnancy. This is very essential because only a healthy mother can deliver a healthy baby in ordinary cases and in cases of women with type 2 diabetes additional precautions are necessary. The professionals who will help you are 

  • An obstetrician who has experience handling high risk pregnancies. 
  • A dietician who will give valuable advice before conceiving, when pregnant and after delivery. 
  • An endocrinologist. 
  • A midwife who has years of experience in pregnancy and child birth. 

If all these things are planned beforehand and tips followed you can very well go in for a pregnancy. Ordinary pregnancy requires care and pregnancy with type 2 diabetes calls for extra care. The physician will ascertain the health of kidneys and eyes of the mother before advising pregnancy. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is important not only for the mother but also for the baby. A healthy baby is born only when the mother takes uncompromised care on health. 

The six months prior to getting pregnant is very crucial as folic acid and other vitamins are given to the mother. Sugar levels are monitored and mothers are asked to work out regularly. An ideal weight is achieved before getting pregnant. 


Once pregnant the doctor reviews all the medicines and suggests some changes. Insulin is suggested instead of medicines and folic acid also is given. Vitamins are also administered. The pregnant woman is educated on the pregnancy and the possible health issues that would arise. She is always put on alert on the risks involved. 

Things To Do

Such women are given a kit where they can monitor their sugar levels at home. The women should monitor the sugar level at least eight times a day and this will help to know of any risk. Sometimes sugar is controlled only with diet and medicines are not prescribed in the early weeks and later changes are made. Diet and exercise are the important two pillars which support this pregnancy. 

Small meals are advised throughout the day with a lot of vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates and a lot of fibre. Adequate rest and power naps at mid-day is suggested. Doctors take extra care of these moms- to -be than moms-to-be with normal pregnancies and if the mother is focused on delivering a healthy baby then she definitely can with all necessary steps. 

So women with type 2 diabetes can safely deliver a healthy baby by following all the above tips.

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