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How does avoiding an Android development company become a mistake?

Android app development company

Having a mobile app with the capability to target a huge user base for your business must be your priority in 2021. If you wish to build an Android app for business, hiring a reputed Android app development company is vital. Ignoring trustworthy mobile app development services can make you regret your decisions in later stages.

It is common practice to hire freelancers and individual developers for projects. We know that helps you escape the excessive burden on pockets, but that results in many compromises too. Compare an expert from a full-fledged mobile app development company and an individual freelancer to get a clear picture.

Today, we will discuss how ignoring a professional android app development company can put you in trouble. Before we start our discussion, let’s look at some facts that make an Android app a perfect choice for you.

Why focus on Android while hiring mobile app development services?

You might be wondering why to choose Android when you have an option to build an iPhone application. Well, having an iPhone is a great thing, but it doesn’t stand chances when it’s come to the user base. Android dominates the OS market with a share of around 70% and over 2 billion worldwide users.

Moreover, Android app development services can help you use the true potential of this platform with features and functionalities that are meant for long-term success. The below stats will help you determine the worth of hiring mobile app development services for Android.

  • More than 100000 android apps are listed on the app store every month.
  • There were more than one billion app downloads in the year 2020.
  • Android apps can help you target users from any income group.
  • Android apps are more versatile than iOS apps to leverage unexceptional features.
  • An average Android user spends almost four hours a day browsing mobile applications.
  • More than 60% of the top 1000 businesses around the globe have Android apps to market their products and services.

How does avoiding a reputed android app development company affect your business?

Let’s get back to our main topic and start discussing the drawbacks you suffer by ignoring a full-fledged company for a freelance developer. The below points will help you understand the importance of hiring Mobile app development services from a good company:-

Lack of latest technologies

The technical expertise of a freelance developer may restrict to certain technologies. Large companies have a large talent pool, and they work on a variety of projects all over the year. 

They have access to the resources and know-how of using the latest technologies for the best benefits of your business. If you ignore hiring mobile app development services from a good company, your app might suffer drawbacks due to outdated or underperforming technologies.

Compromising the Business Information

Just think for a second, can you rely on an individual freelancer for the safety of your idea and business information? Well, in most cases, the answer will be no. Freelancers rarely provide legal agreements, and it can cause compromise of your business data. 

Good android companies offer agreements like NDA to ensure legal protection of your app ideas and business information. The industry is full of people waiting to rip your pockets, so it is better to be careful from the beginning.

Poor UI and UX of the App

There should be no doubt that a full-fledged android app development company has a lot more experience than freelancers who rarely work on projects similar to yours. Hiring such companies for mobile app development services is good because your app may have to struggle with substandard UI/UX features. You don’t think it is a problem? Well, apps that fail to deliver a good experience may fail to see the customer again!

Poor market research for competition

The benefit of hiring a professional company for developing your business app is that they conduct market research before starting the project. They do listen to your requirements but try to find out the feasibility of those requirements in a real-world scenario. They compare your competitors to devise a winning app development strategy for your business.

Professional support for upgrades and maintenance

Just imagine a situation when you need to hire a separate developer for upgrades and maintenance needs. Believe it or not, it can turn into a frustrating experience for you. Freelancers rarely offer such services, so it is better to stick with a reputed company for mobile app development services.


We hope that these points will help you make a wise decision while hiring mobile app development services for your business. Always act wisely by choosing the best android app development company for your business app because the success of your app is dependent on the expertise of your developers.

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