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7 Vaping Myths That Need to Be Quashed

7 Vaping Myths That Need to Be Quashed

We all are being relentlessly bombarded with data from sources like television, press, and the internet in this 21st century era. Unfortunately, most of them keep us  misinformed rather than informed about things, even the ones which we use daily.

Turns out, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding e-cigarettes that are adding to the woes of those who would like to vape. Hence, it is essential to separate fiction from the real facts of vaping so that vapers can experiment with E-Cigarettes without any fear.

In this article, we will debunk the top 5 vaping myths that are associated with e-cigarettes, which would also help vapers to get a clear picture of what vaping is all about. So, let us get started.

1) Vaping Causes Popcorn Lung

Popcorn lung is a medical condition that damages the human lungs’ tiny airways and makes the individual cough and feels short of breath.

This was first seen when a few workers while working in a microwave popcorn factory developed this condition, on inhaling high amounts of diacetyl, a constituent that gives popcorn its buttery flavour. That’s why it was named popcorn lung.

Similarly, diacetyl is added (not anymore) in some e-liquids to give vapers the same buttery flavour. Yet, the level of the diacetyl in the e-liquids is hundreds of times lower than in cigarette smoke. Even at these levels, smoking is not considered to be a cause for this rare disease. Hence, it would be reasonable to conclude that vaping is safe from the dangers of Popcorn lung.

2) E-Cigarettes Are Bad as They Contain Nicotine     

A lot of people think that nicotine is actually the reason behind most tobacco-related cancer. However, studies have shown that nicotine, in reality, causes only minimal health risk. In traditional cigarettes, thousands of other toxic chemicals cause almost all of the harm.

A good thing about e-cigarettes is that they don’t have either carbon monoxide and tar, which are two of the hazardous elements in tobacco smoke. Though it does carry other elements of the standard cigarettes but at relatively lower levels.

3) E-Cigarettes Drive Youngsters Into Smoking

This is a myth that has gained a lot of media attention as both cigarettes and e-cigarettes look similar. However, this is not true as it is as it is propagated to be. In reality, e-cigarettes can be a good way to quit smoking as these gadgets have the facility for tweaking the nicotine levels. Moreover, you can choose your own e-liquid flavour thus reducing the dependency on nicotine.

4) Vaping is as bad as Smoking

Another popular myth associated with vaping is that it is as bad as an addiction as smoking. However, when you light a cigarette, dry tobacco starts burning which released over 3000 harmful chemicals as you smoke. While in vaping, it is the aerosol that heats the e-liquid and the only by-product released here is water vapour.

Also, the constituents in the e-liquids are basic elements that are almost harmless when compared to the toxic chemical inside the tobacco. There are also various studies that suggest vaping is in fact much safer than the traditional cigarettes.

5) E-Cigarette Vapour Can Be Harmful to Bystanders On Exposure

Unlike the second-hand smoke of Tobacco Cigarettes, there is no side-stream vapor released by an e-cigarette. This is so because an e-liquid is generally composed of nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavourings, where it is exhaled into the atmosphere as an aerosol. Also, there is no conclusive evidence that suggests the health risks of passive vaping to the health of the bystanders.

6) Vaping is All About Big Clouds

Even though big clouds are one of the reasons why people vape, yet it is not the only feature. As mentioned above, there are a lot of vapers who use e-cigarettes to quit smoking, and there are others who prefer a more discreet experience while using it. Moreover, a wide range of e-liquid flavours which are available today can take your vaping experience to a whole new level.

7) Vaping is More Expensive Than Cigarettes

While the initial costs of e-cigarette could be a little higher than the cigarettes, the long term costs of vaping seem to be much cheaper. This is mainly because, unlike cigarettes, you only need to only buy the accessories in the case of e-cigarettes to keep it functioning. Also, buying an e-liquid is far more economical than buying a pack of cigarettes.

Final Say

Most of the vaping myths you have seen above exist because a lot of people believe that vaping and smoking are almost the same thing, which they are clearly not. Though they look similar, their mode of functioning is completely different. It is also true that e-cigarettes are helping thousands of smokers worldwide to end cigarette addiction and also to remain smoke-free.

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